Dolby Chadwick Gallery catalog

Rustle, Sparkle, Flutter, Float

Dolby Chadwick Gallery catalog, 24 pages, 12 color plates, ISBN: 978-0-9884249-3-7, essays by Allegra Goodman and Frances Malcolm, November 2013.

“Looking at a Meyer painting means changing your mind about what you see. Only gradually do I discern the figures in his work. They emerge slowly, rewarding a second and third glance. Coming into their own, they transform the color all around them. As living people do, Meyer’s subjects will reveal themselves, and they will disappear. Look at them up close and they scatter, self-effacing. Back away and they gather force and gravity. Back away a little more. Give Meyer’s figures space, and they’ll possess the room.”
—Allegra Goodman, from her essay